This week we will cover how to request an item straight from BPL’s Homepage. On the lefthand side of the homepage you will see the box that has “Request an Item” written inside of it. Once you click on this link you will be directed to our electronic request form.

What can you request? This form allows you to request specific books, DVDs, audiobooks, information about a subject, and even articles within magazines and periodicals.

How does it work? Fill out each of the boxes that pertain to your request. Please make sure to enter current contact information, as well as your library card number. When you are requesting materials the more information you give us the more likely we are to find the item.

Request processing time: Please know that these requests are not immediately available for pickup. Sometimes we do not have the item in our collection and will try to obtain it from other resources. Other times it may take us some time to track down the specific article you are looking for. Once we have your item or information ready a staff member will contact you via phone, mail, or e-mail. You can then pick up your materials at the branch you specified on the request form.