This week we will cover how to request meeting room use straight from BPL’s homepage. At the DeRidder branch we have three different rooms, varying in size and seating capacity: The Quiet Corral, the Rotary Meeting Room, and the Media Room. On the lefthand side of the homepage you will see the box that has “Request Meeting Room Use” written inside of it. Once you click on this link you will be directed to our Spaces page. This page allows you to select the date and the time frame that you will need. From there all of the available rooms will pop up and you can select which room best fits your needs. On this page you also have the option of selecting items that you may need while using the room. Items include: laptop, outlets, chairs, and DVD players.

One important reminder: Submitting your request this does not mean that you are automatically guaranteed that room. Once the request has been viewed a BPL staff member will either email or call you to verify your reservation.