The library has a great number of television series on DVD. These sets usually include an entire season of shows and allow you to see the episodes one after another. We have a wide range of shows – from the old classics to the most popular current programs.

Here are some of the latest popular shows that we have added to our collection.

Modern Family: The Complete Sixth Season. This comedy has won multiple Golden Globe and Emmy Awards over the past few years. It is consistently ranked as one of the top shows on television. It centers on three branches of one family. Each family unit is different and faces different challenges, but they are close to each other and share many funny and heartwarming experiences.

The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Eighth Season. This is another comedy that has won many awards and is very popular. It is about two brilliant, but socially awkward physicists who live in an apartment across the hall from a beautiful young woman. As the series has progressed the young woman and one of the scientists have fallen in love and are now engaged. The other scientist and their friends have grown also and their relationships are a big part of the show.

Hawaii Five-O: The Complete Fifth Season. This popular drama is a modern remake of the classic 1960’s show of the same name, which is also available at the library. Steve McGarrett returns to Hawaii to find his father’s killer. The governor offers him the chance to run his own task force to fight crime in paradise. His team members include the head detective on his father’s case, a former detective who was accused of corruption and his father’s old patrol partner. Together they are charged with investigating the serious crimes that occur on the islands.

These are the latest seasons of these shows. If you prefer to start at the beginning of the series, we also have the earlier seasons so you can do that. Please remember that the library contains material for all ages. These television programs are not rated and some content may not be suitable for some viewers.