This week we will continue our tour of BPL’s homepage by exploring the “Fast Links” section. The Fast Links are located on the lefthand side of the homepage directly under the BPL icon. These links provide information about community resources, library policy, and many other subjects. Here is a brief overview for each of the Fast Links.

Library Info: This link will lead patrons to the library’s mission statement, the board of control members, the names of our administrative staff, and information about the Libraries Southwest Consortium.

Community: The Community link provides users with links to parish, state, and federal sites of interest. Websites include the Beauregard Parish School System, the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles, the LSU AG Center, the IRS Website, the United States Senate Website, and many more important resources.

Grants: The Beauregard Parish Library has been proud to host grantsmanship material through the Foundation Center since 1991. This link takes patrons to a page with information regarding who to contact at the library for grant help, the different types of grants, and various resources to contact outside of the library.

Policy: The Policy section is where you can go to read the library’s policies regarding Behavior, utilizing the meeting rooms, outreach, laptops, E-Government Policy, and Act 693 policy.

Help:The Help section is a great resource if you need information about accessing your library account on line, using the library’s WiFi, or setting up the dialup internet through the library. In this section you will also find a list of supported and unsupported services. This list will tell you exactly what we, as staff members, are allowed to help you with when it comes to technology.