Mixed Bag

With this week's edition of Sunday School with Universal Class we will help you with a few classes on different new things you want to start with the fall season and one thing you might want to end. Classes available through Universal Class are free to patrons who hold Beauregard Parish library cards.

Here are some sample courses you might consider taking, but there are many other courses available. The descriptions are shortened, but there is more detail at Universal Class.

Party Planning 101
"Looking for a way to throw a party on a tight budget? Easy crafting and good old creativity can balance the budget and still bring joy to all the little party guests. In the party planning business, there is no right or wrong, only a desire to make your client happy.
This Party Planning course is a helpful tool for you to learn what you need to know to get started in one of today's most popular and lucrative businesses. For those who enjoy creating the life of the party, this course takes you through setting up and running a business, finding clients and planning everything from social events to major corporate events."
[15 lessons]
Aromatherapy 101
"Have you always wanted to learn the secrets of how to blend ingredients and make your own bath and massage oils, or hand and face lotions, or room refreshers and potpourri? Then this is the class for you! This is a self-paced beginner's course demystifying aromatherapy and showing you many ways to add fragrance to your life."
[9 lessons]
Professional Organizer Training
"If you have a talent for organizing and want to find out how to set up your own Professional Organizing business, then this course is where you need to begin. Not only will answers be provided on what a professional organizer is, potential earnings and possible clientele, and various organizing tips; this course will also provide information about available resources and how to begin the nuts and bolts of writing up your business goals. Provided Marketing strategies and tips will wrap up this informative course and get you ready to begin!"
[10 lessons]
How to Quit Smoking
"This course will provide you with information on how to quit smoking without smoking cessation aids, also known as Nicotine Replacement Therapies (nicotine gum, the patch, etc.) This course does not provide any miracles, and cannot guarantee your success. That is solely up to you, but I hope this course will educate you so you can be successful! We will discuss nicotine addiction, health risks of smoking, reasons for quitting, where to find support, what you need to do to quit, and how to avoid relapses."
[6 lessons]

There are over 500 different courses available. If these are not to your interest, log in to Universal Class. You're bound to find something you like!

If you need a reminder of how Universal Class works, please click this introductory post.