This week we wanted to start a series of Find it Fridays that will give patrons a closer look at the BPL website. We work hard to make sure that our website is user friendly and informative for our patrons, so please stay tuned in the upcoming weeks to learn what our website can do for you!

We will start at the top righthand side of the page with the Webmail sign in. If you want to access your library email you can conveniently sign in directly from the library's homepage. An additional feature is that you don't have to be within the library to access your email, you can visit the library homepage from any location with internet and log in.

Steps for accessing your Webmail: Once you arrive at the homepage you will see the word Webmail, which is followed by two boxes, one for your username and one for your password. Remember to use only lowercase letters when entering your username and to type the password exactly as it is shown on the sticker provided for you. The next step is to click Login and you should be directed to your emails.

For all patrons who may not be aware that their computer access username also doubles as an email address: When you sign up for a computer account you are automaticall given an email address as well. The email address will be your username followed by For example, if your username was a12345 then your email address would be