With Staff Picks, we would like to offer recommendations from our staff to you. These picks will be from a variety of reading, listening or viewing tastes. You might find stuff you've checked out before, or you might be intrigued enough to find a new favorite.

On the Path of the Immortals by Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam

On the Path of the Immortals is an internationally acclaimed non-fiction work resulting from the investigative skills of Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam. Their extragalactic research details the Vatican's advanced telescope, which is stationed atop of Mt Graham in Arizona. It is currently used to monitor "something" as it approaches the earth and sits adjacent to what is known as the "Lucifer Project". This mountain is said to be a gateway portal to another dimension. Through research and photography skills, it is revealed to be only one of many similar sites around our globe.

If you enjoy astonishing discoveries that expose the unknown and are willing to grasp the paranormal, then On the Path of the Immortals is your next read!

If this book interests you, feel free to request and check it out. We'll be back next Wednesday with a different Staff Pick.