For this week's Mango Monday in honor of Oktoberfest in Bavaria we will present German. Oktoberfest is the 16 day festival of

German has 185 million native speakers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland. It is a language with a rich history in the arts for both literature and classical music. There are distinct regional varieties of German, and in the mountainous countries speakers on one side of a mountain can have a different dialect than speakers on the other side of the valley. Mango describes German as:

Ever see yourself behind the wheel of a high performance German sports car on the Autobahn? Ever wanted to have schnitzel in Saarbrücken? By learning German, you’ll gain access to an incredible world of fun, excitement, and adventure. From Germany, to Belgium, from Luxembourg to Switzerland: German can take you through some of the most cultured and sophisticated destinations on the continent.

German is a a relatively easy language for native English speakers to learn. English is part of the same language family as German. In practical terms, it means that the way English behaves and many of the sounds and vocabulary are the same or similar. German does have a challenges for native English speakers, though, because it has features English does not, such as grammatical gender and formal vs. informal You. With Mango, you will know and master these differences easily.

All conversational languages give you different language skills and situations to practice (Making Friends, Shopping, etc). Since Oktoberfest this year began on September 19th, here are some phrases you can learn from the special lesson CHAPTER

  • Are you going to Oktoberfest this eyar? Gehst du dieses Jahr zum Oktoberfest?
  • Yes, I'm definitely going! Ja, ich gene auf jeden Fall!
  • Last year was so awesome. I definitely want to go again. And you? Letztes Jar war so toll, ich will unbedingt wieder gehen. Und du?
  • My friends and I are going for the first time this year. Meine Freundinnen und ich geneh dieses Jahr zum ersten Mal.
  • Are you going to wear a dirndl? Ziehst du ein Dirndl an?
  • Yes, I have already bought a dirndl. Ja, ich habe mir schon ein neues Dirndle gekauft.
  • Awesome! I'm wearing my lederhosen, too. Toll! Ich ziehe auch meine Lederhosen an.
  • Have fun at the Wiesn! Viel Spass auf der Wiesn!

German is available through both Mango Languages and Pronunciator. Each language product has different interfaces, and some will work better for you depending on what you want to get out of your language experience. Don't forget to take advantage of each product's mobile apps for language learning on the go!

Next Monday we will be back with a new language you can teach yourself with resources from your library.