OverDrive Help Features Continued:

Have you been wanting to read Truth or Die by James Patterson and Friction by Sandra Brown for a while now, but they always seems to be checked out on OverDrive? Instead of constantly checking back for it, place it on hold and the book will automatically show up on your bookshelf when your turn comes! Unsure of how to place a hold? That’s what this segment is for!

When you find the book that you are interested in the easiest way to place a hold is to click on the icon at the top of the book. If the item is an audio book the icon will show headphones, otherwise the icon will be a book. If the book is currently checked out you will not be given the option to "borrow", instead it will say "place a hold". Once you click "place a hold" you will be taken to a screen and asked to verify that your email address is correct. OverDrive will notify you at this address once the book becomes available again. You also have the option to select that the title is automatically borrowed to your account when it becomes available, this means that the book will appear on your bookshelf and be ready for download.