We are very excited to announce something new for our young patrons! Beginning next week, we will have Playaway Launchpads available for checkout. These are tablet devices that are pre-loaded with fun and educational games designed to entertain young children while teaching them important concepts in many subject areas. Parents can feel secure because these devices do not connect to the internet, so there is no risk of children accidentally accessing other content. They are child-friendly and sturdy. Children can play independently without constant parent involvement or parents can play too for shared fun. Each Launchpad contains about 10 different games, so it can provide hours of fun for the little ones.

We have Launchpads with activities designed for ages 3-5 (pre-k to kindergarten) and ages 5-7 (k-2). These contain games that will help children with such skills as math, phonics, critical thinking and memory. Children can play the games over and over. They earn points for each skill they master and can use the points to “buy” accessories for their character. The screen is large enough to be easily seen but small enough to be managed by little hands. The sound can be played with the built in speaker or through headphones for quiet times.

Examples of Launchpads include:

Go Garden...Grow! This Launchpad is designed for ages 3-5. It has games to teach about gardens, farms, flowers and animals while developing skills including early reading and critical thinking.

Out of this World! This Launchpad is designed for ages 5-7. It allows children to use imagination and brainpower to work their way through a galaxy of interactive storybooks, games and math challenges. It will improve memory and concentration as well as develop phonics and critical thinking skills.

Look for our new Launchpads in their bright orange boxes located in the children's room. Each box contains the Launchpad and a power cord for charging the device. Everyone with a valid library card can check one out for safe and educational fun.