With this week's edition of Sunday School with Universal Class we will help you brush off what you know or learn new things on the topic of history. Classes available through Universal Class are free to patrons who hold Beauregard Parish library cards.

Here are some sample courses you might consider taking, but there are many others available. The descriptions are shortened, but there is more detail at Universal Class.

History of the Universe
"This course will explore the very beginnings of our Universe and examine its fundamental components. We will explore the formation and basic elements of our own solar system, and we will reach out from there--deep into the darkness to explore the sometimes exotic and always fascinating elements of space. We will also peer into other worlds in search of life on other planets, and we will learn about the exciting discoveries that have been made throughout the centuries by some of our greatest thinkers."
[13 lessons]
American Civil War
"This course attempts to briefly summarize and present the major events and battles related to the War Between the States in chronological order. In addition, this course will set forth the major political issues and philosophies that set the stage for the Civil War, sustained the conflict, and continue to linger on to this day in the hearts and minds of most Americans. Finally, a list of the major figures related to the Civil War will be presented to highlight each notable person's contributions to the struggle itself and to the overall development of our nation."
[12 lessons]
World War I
"In this course, the major issues and causes of the First World War will be discussed, along with a summary of the major battles, powers, and personalities (both military and political) that shaped the events and ultimate outcome of this epic struggle. This information should give the student a working understanding of the basic history of the war and how it helped set the stage for the next tragic global conflict."
[11 lessons]
World War II
"World War II was a conflict like no other in human history. Everything that had made the First World War such a monumental event was soon eclipsed by the colossal scale and impact of the next. World War II involved more nations and soldiers than any major war before or since. The technology was grander and more deadly. The villains were easily identifiable, worthy adversaries bent on global domination. The resistance to the Axis Powers; comprised of Germany, Japan, and Italy; was pushed to their limit in terms of providing soldiers and war materiel. The epic battles of World War II on land, through the air, and at sea were waged with ferocity unlike any other war--on two fronts. The effects of World War II cannot be underestimated, as they still impact lives and nations to this very day. Clearly, the impact of this greatest of wars cannot be emphasized enough."
[17 lessons]
The Vietnam War
"This course will examine the history of the Vietnam War. It will provide the student with the historical background that set the stage for the conflict, the events that led directly to the war, the major issues involved at home and abroad, and an overview of the major battles. Further, this course will also cover the non-military aspects of the war, such as the changing political climate in the United States during the late 1960s, that had a profound impact on the outcome of the struggle."
[12 lessons]

There are over 500 different courses available. If these are not to your interest, log in to Universal Class. You're bound to find something you like!

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