For this week's Mango Monday we will present Hungarian.

In honor of St. Stephen's Day and the founding of Hungary on August 20th, this time we bring you Hungarian. While the people are European, the language itself is not. It's nearest related languages are Finnish and Estonian, but the speakers do not easily understand each other. The language can be a challenge for English-native speakers, but with Mango's tools it is easy. You will be speaking in no time. The language uses Latin script as English does, but there are more vowels in Hungarian than English. They are marked with diacritical marks (dots, slashes, etc) that indicate a specific pronunciation. Once you have it, though, Hungarian is regularly phonetic.

The people behind Mango have this to say about Hungarian

You can be the envy of your friends when you brag about knowing one of the world's most unique languages—Hungarian! Hungarian is almost completely unrelated to any other language in Europe and as such, it commands a great deal of respect from natives when a foreigner speaks it well. And natives abound: Hungarian is spoken by over 13 million people in Hungary, Transylvania, Slovakia, and Serbia. If you want to see Buda Castle, the beautiful blue Danube, or the amazing Chain Bridge, speaking Hungarian is a sure-fire way to maximize your Hungarian travel adventures.

Fun fact for rock music fans: Gene Simmons, famous for Kiss and other music endeavors, speaks Hungarian. It is a heritage language for him because his mother was born and raised in Hungary.

All conversational languages give you different language skills and situations to practice (Making Friends, Shopping, etc). Here is the first lesson about family and meeting people that you can learn from Unit 1, Chapter 2: Family.

  • She is my sister, Erika. Ő a húgom, Erika.
  • Do you also have a brother? Van bátyád is?
  • Yes. He is over there. Igen. Ott van.
  • He is with our mom and dad. Anyával és apával van.
  • Does he live here, too? Ő is itt lakik?
  • Our whole family lives here. Az egész családunk itt lakik.

Hungarian is available through both Mango Languages and Pronunciator. Each language product has different interfaces, and some will work better for you depending on what you want to get out of your language experience. Don't forget to take advantage of each product's mobile apps for language learning on the go!

Next Monday we will be back with a new language you can teach yourself with resources from your library.