This is the time of year when many students head off to college. Some may be worried that they did not select the best school. Or perhaps they were not accepted into, or could not afford the the school of their choice and are concerned that they will not get the best education. Many high school students are beginning the process of deciding where to continue their education. They are stressed with the challenges of meeting the entrance requirements of their top choice school, as well as how to pay for it. We received a new book this week that might provide some valuable information for those young people.

It’s the Student, Not the College: The Secrets of Succeeding at any School – Without Going Broke or Crazy by Kristin M. White. The author claims that students who go to schools that are considered the “best” do not necessarily become any more successful than those who attend other schools. She says that research shows that personal qualities such as ambition, perseverance, and a sense of purpose are more important. In this book she shows how to focus on these important things and avoid the huge debt that many incur simply to go to a big name school. Students can create a personal "Success Profile" that helps them to be successful at any school and prepare to graduate career-ready and land a great first job. This book gives practical advice that can help ease the stress of this difficult, but exciting time in life.