Tips for searching by Keyword in the library's online catalog:

Keyword searching is similar to the search you would perform using Google or Amazon, where you would enter a single word or simple phrase into the search field. Searching by keyword will give more, and sometimes less relevant results than searching by subject. The database will search for your entry anywhere in the material’s record (title, author name, subject headings, etc.).

For example: if you keyword search “Tiger” your results would contain materials written about the LSU Tiger's, non-fiction books written about tigers, or even the children's series "Kipper" written by Mark Inkpen where the main character is best friends with a tiger. Each of these results have different subject matters but because they contain the keyword "tiger" somewhere in the record it is considered a match.

When to use a Keyword search:

When you are unsure of the exact title of a book, video, CD, etc., but think you know a word or two.

When you aren't sure what subject heading to use.

When you want to broaden your search and find more items than you found with a title or subject search.