Just Google It

Many of you probably hear the phrase “just Google it” often, but some might not know all of the ways that Google can help you. In the next few weeks we will be cover how to efficiently use Google as a search engine.

This week we want to start with the basics: What is Google? Google is arguably the most popular search engine in use today. It originated in the late 1990s and became popular for its easy to use design and the PageRank technique that orders the results that the searcher will see. Google allows searchers to find articles, newspaper clippings, images, maps, webpages, and many other items. Over the past few years Google has expanded the services offered and searchers can now get quick answers to simple questions (example: What is the capital of Louisiana?) and receive driving directions from one location to another.

So if you have a question this week and are near a computer or smart phone, take some time to “Google it” and see what you find!