Many of us have heard the words “If you believe, you can do anything.” These words are intended to be an inspiration, but according to leading psychology expert Tracey Cleantis they can make us feel like failures. She went through a difficult time that forced her to come to the conclusion that sometimes, no matter how hard we try, our dreams do not always come true. Sometimes the smartest and healthiest thing to do is to let go of your original plan in order to find a new direction toward happiness. This week we received her new book The Next Happy: Let Go of the Life you Planned and Find a New Way Forward, in which she teaches readers to face the possibility that a dream is not working and set realistic goals for finding a new path to follow. She deals with how to process the sadness, anger and shame that often accompany this perceived failure. By understanding what the original dream represented and why it wasn’t working, she allows readers to open a world of possibilities as new, tangible dreams take shape.