For this week's Mango Monday we present French.

French is a language near and dear to the hearts of many in Louisiana as it is one of our official state languages. Mango and Pronunciator might not have Cajun French yet, but they have both European French and Canadian French. For Mango Monday this week, we focus specifically on the original French, and we'll do it by sharing some of the phrases from Mango's wine and cheese lesson.

French is not completely unfamiliar to native speakers of English. It is part of the greater Indo-European language family, as English is, but it is part of the smaller Romance language family with Spanish, Portugese, Italian and Romanian. French-derived vocabulary is very much a large part of English because of borrowings through history, especially after the Norman conquest of England in 1066.

If you want a language to use for world travel, you would do great with French. French is one of the world languages spoken by 77 million (native), 390 million (non-native) speakers in France, Canada, Democratic Republic of the Congo,Madagascar, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Burkina, Faso, Niger, and other countries in Africa. France itself has overseas departments and regions in the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

All conversational languages give you different language skills and situations to practice (Making Friends, Shopping, etc). Here is the first lesson about French wines and cheeses you can learn from Wine and Cheese. The phrases use informal language.

  • Do you feel like having a glass of wine and a plate of cheese? Ca te dit si on prend un verre et une planche de fromage?
  • Yes, I am in. So cheese calls for red wine, doesn't it? Oui, je suis partante. Alors qui dit fromage dit rouge, non?
  • Yes, but I like wines that have character. Oui, mai moi j'aime bien les vin qui ont de la cuisse.
  • And I prefer goat cheese to runny cow cheese. Et je préfère le fromage de chèvre au fromage de vache coulant.
  • What's this smell? It's awful! It stinks out! Oh mai c'est quoi cette odeur? C'est abominable. Ca empeste!
  • Ah this, it must be the camembert! Ah ça, ça doit être le camembert!
  • Ok, everything you want, but not that! Ok, alors tout ce que te veux, mai surtoit pa ça!

French is available through both Mango Languages and Pronunciator. Each language product has different interfaces, and some will work better for you depending on what you want to get out of your language experience. Don't forget to take advantage of each product's mobile apps for language learning on the go!

Next Monday we will be back with a new language you can teach yourself with resources from your library.