World Book: DISCOVER

The Discover Section of the World Book online database offers in-depth information covering a variety of people, places, and things. With a user-friendly layout and the information separated into topics on the homepage this is great tool for school aged kids who want to do some online research. Users are given the option to enter a specific search for information or images, or they can simply browse by topic and follow their interests. We will warn you now that you may find yourself reading about anteaters instead of Pluto because it is very easy to get yourself lost clicking from one topic to another! Like many other databases you can use an Advanced Search to better narrow down your results. By selecting Advanced Search you can search by phrase, date, and even the location of the information within World Book.

The Topics Are: People, Places, Science and Mathematics, World Religions, Plants and Animals, History, Arts, and Sports and Hobbies. Take some time to check out World Book Discover today!