Many of us find it difficult to tell others the word “no.” We often find ourselves in difficult or uncomfortable situations simply because we were unable or unwilling to refuse a request. If you would like to take control of your life and set boundaries, our new book How to be Assertive in Any Situation by Sue Hadfield and Gill Hasson can help.

The authors are both teachers who have taught assertiveness and personal development to people from all walks of life. They explain that being assertive does not just mean standing up for yourself, but also taking other people’s feelings into account and being considerate to them. Being assertive, according to the authors, allows us to stop worrying and know that we can deal with whatever happens.

When we stop saying “yes” just because we are afraid, we will be more self-confident and happier. The book offers life-changing techniques to help you express your needs and deal with others’ expectations, demands and criticisms without feeling anxious. There are chapters with detailed advice for being assertive in all different situations involving family, friends, employers, and even especially difficult people. Let this book help you develop skills to help you feel more confident and secure in your ability to control your own life.