Life Skills: provided by the World Book Online Reference Center

The Life Skills section of the Reference Center is a unique collection of information, advice, and how-to’s for basic life skills. This section contains eight subsets that cover different aspects of adult everyday life: Stepping into the Working World, Taking Care of Business, Gaining Financial Know-How, Setting Up your Home, Maintaining the Basics, Eating In and Dining Out, Becoming a Savvy Consumer, and Staying Connected.

If you are looking for a reliable resource for the ins and outs of apartment hunting the Setting Up your Home section will have great information. Or, if you are considering purchasing a car but don’t know where to start the Becoming a Savvy Consumer section would be a valuable resource. The Gaining Financial Know-How section provides helpful advice regarding savings plans, living debt free, and establishing emergency funds.

You can save the information to your computer or your World Book account online, which is a helpful feature. This allows you to gather your research and make informed, knowledgeable decisions when the time comes.