Wedding Planning

June, the traditional month of weddings, is right around the corner. With this week's edition of Sunday School with Universal Class we will help you with any last minute wedding planning! Classes available through Universal Class are free to patrons who hold Beauregard Parish library cards.

Here are some sample courses you might consider taking, but there are many others available. The descriptions are shortened, but there is more detail at Universal Class.

Wedding Planning 101
"You won't find a more comprehensive of a wedding course online that isn't offered by a bridal association! This eleven-lesson course teaches you all that you need to know to become a well paid, successful wedding planner--starting the day after you finish this course. It doesn't matter if you don't know anything about weddings right now. This detailed course gives you all the information and knowledge you need."
[11 lessons]
Wedding Crafts and Projects
"This wedding crafts course presents interesting and entertaining wedding history to help you plan and organize wedding accessories. Course lessons will include inspiration plus designs for paper crafts, floral crafts, favors, bridal party gifts, scrapbooking and more. Wording and layout instructions are given along with sample finished projects to further inspire the wedding crafter."
[7 lessons]
Party Planning 101
"Using easy to follow language, this Party Planning course takes you through developing a theme, arranging entertainment, estimating start-up costs and completing a marketing analysis for your business. You'll learn to work with and search out the best photographers, entertainers and performers, caterers, and other vendors who can make or break a party planner's career. You'll understand how to think out of the box and how to gain knowledge of the latest trends in party d├ęcor, cocktails and food."
[15 lessons]
Learn to Plan and Manage Special Events
"This course will take you into the world of special event planning, giving you a very accurate behind-the-scenes look at a career that is almost invisible, but so very important. Whether you are looking to plan a family reunion, a wedding, an off-site meeting, or a giant product launch, this course will give you the necessary information and insight into what you need to know to pull off a successful event."
[13 lessons]

There are over 500 different courses available. If these are not to your interest, log in to Universal Class. You're bound to find something you like!

If you need a reminder of how Universal Class works, please click this introductory post.