This week we continue our tour through the World Book Online Database with a look at the Reference Center. The Reference Center is a one stop shop for researchers who are looking for a consumer friendly way to find information on many different topics. This online collection offers thousands of encyclopedia articles, a Life Skills section, Computer and Web Tutorials, a Dictionary, and Government Resources.

Using the Advanced Search Feature: As mentioned above the Reference Center has a lot of information to sort through. To make sure that you don’t end up with too many results the best way to start is by using the Advanced Search. The link is located under the search box of the Reference Center homepage. The Advanced Search allows you to search by word, phrase, and date of publication. Additionally, you can filter which type of text you are looking for by clicking the box next to the options. You are able to check multiple boxes to ensure the search field is large enough.

For example: If you are only looking for literary criticism of an article or literary work you will only want to check the box for literary criticism. Or, if you are interested in the the history and location of the African country of Sudan you would select Encyclopedia Articles, Special Reports, Timelines, and Maps. Remember, the more filters that you select when building your search, the less results you are likely to receive. If you continuously receive few or no results you may want to widen your search filters.