Many of our patrons enjoy checking out our large collection of hit movies on DVD. We try to keep adding all of the latest blockbuster films along with many older classics. We even have some that could never be considered “classics” but are just plain fun entertainment for an evening in.

However, that is not all we offer in terms of DVDs. We also have a collection of informational and educational non-fiction ones. There are instructional films showing how to do all sorts of things. There are also documentary films on a large variety of subjects allowing you to “visit” exciting places you might never have a chance to see – all without leaving your comfortable home.

Check out one of these that we added recently.

Antarctica: A Year on Ice. Nature photographer Anthony Powell travels to one of the most severe environments on the planet to experience the beauty and brutality experienced by the hardy and devoted people who live there. He captures incredible storms and incredible quiet reveries of nature’s grandeur. He also shows a close-knit international community of scientists, craftsmen and laborers who manage to thrive in a land that few people will ever see. This fascinating documentary was filmed over ten years and features spectacular photography detailing Powell’s deeply personal adventure into this frozen land.