World Book Timelines:

This section of the database that allows you to view, create, and save historical timelines. This is a unique interactive resource that has a wide collection of already created timelines covering subjects like world history, art, literature, notable people, and culture. There is even a sports section where you can view the timelines for important milestones, athletes, and events for nine different sports.

For Example: Check out the timeline titled “History of U.S. Professional Football 1920-2014,” which includes events such as the 1933 split of the NFL into the two divisions and the first ever NFL players strike of 1982.

Create Your Own Timeline: One unique feature that students will love about World Book Timelines is that you can create a timeline from the start. You will choose everything from the title to the background colors. You can create your own events from scratch or you can click “search events” and import information straight from the World Book database. After completing your timeline you can save it to your World Book account to access it again.

To access World Book Timlines simply click on the World Book link on the lefthand side of the BPL homepage. From there you will be taken to World Book's "Super Home Page" and you can select the Timelines section. Stay tuned next week when we will walk through some tips and tricks for using the Reference Center of World Book!