World Book Online Database: Kids Zone

The World Book Online Database recently launched a new section designed specifically for kids. World Book Kids is a fun and educational addition to the World Book Collection and we wanted to share some of the features with you.

World of Animals: Is your child interested in all types of snakes? Or do they have a project due on dolphins? This section has pictures and detailed information about thousands of animals. There is even a compare section where you can select two animals and compare their sizes, habitats, diets, and species.

Activities: The Activities section has a collection of educational crafts, recipes, and puzzles that will keep your child busy for hours. These activities are perfect for any rainy day!

Maps and More: The Maps and More section has interactive maps, an atlas, and even blank maps that can be printed out for geography practice. The maps are well labeled and even show statistics for the county or continent. The printable maps are a great learning resource because they give kids the opportunity for hands-on learning.