Do you enjoy good mystery stories? If so, we have a large selection of all types of mysteries for you to choose from. Here are a few of our newest crime-solving tales.

Dark Chocolate Demise by Jenn McKinlay. As fans descend on Scottsdale, Arizona for the first annual Old Town Zombie Walk, The Fairy Tale Cupcakes crew are working hard to sell horror-themed goodies to the hungry hordes. But the fun turns to fright when a real body is discovered outside the bakery’s truck. Worried that it is a mob hit gone wrong, Mel and Angie must find the killer before any of their friends become the next victim.

Death Comes Quickly by Susan Wittig Albert. Ex-lawyer and herbalist China Bayles is back in this mystery that finds her working to solve the murder of her friend. When Karen Prior dies following a mugging, China believes that it is related to a fifteen-year old murder case that Karen has been researching for a documentary. She is determined to track down the killer but finds herself in danger along the way.

Grave on Grand Avenue: An Officer Ellie Rush Mystery by Naomi Hirahara. Ellie Rush is an LAPD bicycle cop and aspiring homicide detective. A gardener is attacked and whispers something indecipherable to Ellie before dying. Nearby the father of a Chinese classical music superstar claims that the gardener was trying to steal his son’s valuable cello. Ellie knows that something strange is going on and must act quickly before someone else is killed.

Check out these and many, many other mysteries that are available in our collection. You can quickly identify mysteries by the blue sticker on the spine. Happy sleuthing!