An Introduction to World Book:

In the next few weeks we will be covering the World Book Encyclopedia online database and all that it has to offer. The World Book database that BPL offers is specifically designed for public libraries and is an easy to use reference resource for both kids and adults.

How to access World Book: You will find the World Book link on the left-hand side of this homepage. When you click the link you are immediately taken to the World Book homepage, where you can choose which section of the database will best fit your needs.

Within World Book there are six different databases to choose from: Kids, Timelines, Info Finder, Reference Center, Discover, and Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos (A Student Encyclopedia in Spanish). The information is separated into different categories to make searching a little easier for you. Stay tuned next week when we walk through the Kids Section and all of the activities, science projects, and information available there!