Finding Community Information

This week we wanted to make your searches for community information easier. Sometimes finding local information can be difficult, so at BPL we have put together a collection of community links for your convenience.

Navigating to the Community Section: Towards the top of BPL's homepage there is a link labeled Community. Click on this link to access the collection of community resources. In this section you will find links for Beauregard Parish, State Websites of Interest, and Federal Websites of Interest. This section is a great resource for patrons looking for information regarding Community Support Services (Nutritional Support, Counseling Resources, Law Resources, etc.), Beauregard Parish History, Beauregard Parish Schools, the Louisiana State Government, or even the IRS.

You can also access the Community section by clicking on this link.

These resources list websites, phone numbers, and physical addresses to give patrons all the information in one easy and convenient place.