Mango Premiere

Most of the time we will tell you about a specific language available through Mango or Pronunciator. This time we would like to take a step back and tell you about an interesting feature exclusive to Mango: Mango Premiere. This fun component of Mango helps you learn your language with the help of different movies and videos. They have recently added two new videos in Spanish that we would love to tell you about.

We’ve teamed up with National Geographic to bring you closer than ever to the pulse of the planet and all of its wildest wonders ― all while you use Mango Premiere’s signature methodology to learn Spanish.

If you’ve been itching to delve into the depths of Antarctica, climb the heights of Mount Everest, and improve your Spanish skills, you’ve come to the right place. Mango Premiere is debuting its first two episodes of National Geographic’s Wild Chronicles, in which host Boyd Watson leads learners through 30 minutes of adventure-packed globe trotting, offering a rare in-depth look at the state of our natural world. Whether you’re a nature hobbyist, a language-loving science teacher (or a science-loving language teacher!), or a local librarian with a wild streak, Mango Premiere’s new Wild Chronicles will unlock your sense of adventure and add brand-new thrills to your language-learning journey.

These new short features introduce viewers to some of nature’s best-kept secrets ― you’ll come face-to-face with mysterious sea creatures, endangered animals, native populations, and breathtaking plant life. Students will be spellbound, and older learners will be scrambling to renew their passports.

The best part: You’ll take in nature’s finest via Mango Premiere’s integrated learning system. That means that besides the adorable monkeys, sweeping landscapes, scientific discoveries, and inspiring stories, users are able to learn Spanish by fully interacting with the information presented. Learn through cultural insights, interactive words and phrases, voice comparison, color mapping, and bite-sized scenes that are as entertaining to watch as they are educational.*

Next week we will be back to tell you all about the Mango Religious and Scholarly collection!