BookBrowse- Book Talks:

Have you been wanting to join a book club but just can’t seem to make the time or gather local interest? BookBrowse can help! BookBrowse offers online book club discussions as well as reading guides and advice for starting a club of your own. To explore this section of BookBrowse select the “Reading Clubs” tab at the top of the homepage.

How the Online Reading Clubs Work: Each month a new book is introduced and an online discussion is opened for BookBrowse members to participate in. These discussions offer readers the option to post from their own homes on a flexible schedule. You only have to participate in discussions you are actually interested in! To participate in one of the many active discussions you can register a screen name and a password for free and get logged in.

Reading Guides: This section is useful for anyone trying to pick the next book for their club. The listed books all have short abstracts and reviews for you to browse through, as well as the publication details. The Reading Guides section even arranges the books by genre to make it easier navigate, giving you an easier way to search for the perfect book.