If you are feeling nostalgic and would like to sit back and watch an old classic movie, we received some good ones on DVD this week.

Guest Wife starring Claudette Colbert and Don Ameche. Determined to impress his old-fashioned boss, a quick-thinking unmarried foreign correspondent talks his best friend’s bride into posing as his wife. When the hoax gets hopelessly out of hand, he nearly ruins the couple’s honeymoon and marriage.

Jezebel. Bette Davis won the 1938 Best Actress Academy Award for playing Julie, a New Orleans beauty who constantly tries unsuccessfully to make her fiance jealous. Finally, angry and discraced, the fiance, played by Henry Fonda, breaks their engagement and leaves town. Julie endures a year of remorse until he returns, now married. Then her vengeance explodes.

Midnight Lace. Doris Day stars as Kit Preston, the elegant wife of British Financier Anthony Preston, played by Rex Harrison. After moving to one of London’s finest neighborhoods, Kit is threatened by an unknown party. The tension mounts as the menacing phone calls continue and her husband seems unconcerned. Kit begins to doubt her sanity and the motives of everyone around her.