Ordering Paper Tax Forms for Louisiana State Taxes:

Each new Find it Friday brings us closer to the tax deadline so this week we will discuss how to order paper tax forms from the state of Louisiana. These forms will be mailed to your home address for you to fill out and send back in. Remember, if you want to request tax forms online but do not have internet access at home you can always come visit the library to use a computer!

You will visit this website to request that forms be mailed to your address. Once you have reached the site you will fill out your personal information as well as select which tax forms and how many you will need. This is a quick and easy option for patrons who want to file their taxes themselves, but do not want to do it all online. It is important to note that on the state website patrons are warned that the processing time for paper returns will be 8-10 weeks from the date the return was mailed.

To request tax forms by phone: The state of Louisiana has a toll free number set up for patrons to call in and request tax forms be mailed to them. This number is: 1-888-829-3071. You will choose option 6 from the recorded message.