Mango Monday: English as a Second Language

For this installment of Mango Monday, we will discuss our offerings for English.

While English is the native language to most of the residents of Beauregard Parish, there are people who use English as a second language. We want to serve all our public, and that includes those who want to learn or improve their English. For that, we will discuss Mango and Pronunciator in this article.

Mango Languages:

  • Offers ESL to speakers of 18 different languages
  • Main focus is speaking and developing an apprpriate accent
  • Has color grammar to help make things understandable
  • Uses extensive but easy to understand cultural and grammar notes
  • Is portable on a smart phone or tablet


  • Offers ESL to speakers of 50 different languages
  • Uses 4 aspects of language (speaking, reading, writing, listening
  • Has different educational games to stimulate learning
  • Is portable on a smart phone or tablet

We have many more materials for ESL learning both online and in the library. On Sunday, we will post an article about English as a Second Language courses available for free through Universal Class. Then next Monday we will be back with a edition of Mango Monday for a new language you can teach yourself with resources from your library.