Finding Louisiana State Tax Publications for 2014:

Over the past two weeks we have covered how to find Federal income tax forms for filing year 2014. This week we wanted to cover how to find Louisiana state tax publications because we have had some questions here at the library. The state of Louisiana no longer sends paper copies of the tax forms to our library as they may have done in the past, but you still have options when it comes to filing your own taxes. This week we will cover where to go to file taxes online and how to print tax forms from the Louisiana Department of Revenue website.

Where to go to file state taxes online: If you wish to file your state taxes online you can visit THIS WEBSITE. The state of Louisiana has tried to make this website very user friendly and has a great set of instructions to get you started.

How to print tax forms from the Department of Revenue website: If you want to physically print out your tax forms to fill out you should visit THIS WEBSITE. Here you have the option to print out any of the tax forms or instruction booklets that are currently available from the state.