Today let's talk about compatibility. Specifically between Microsoft Office products (which we do not use) and the Libreoffice products which we have on any lab machine at all branches of the library. Libreoffice has taken great pains to make it's software as compatible with Microsoft products as possible and they have done a very good job, however it is not perfect. For instance, tables created in a Word document may not display correctly in Libreoffice Writer and you will need to work with them a little bit to get them back to normal. This applies to all of our Libreoffice products.

Now having said that, you should notice most things are pretty similar. This was done on purpose to facilitate ease of use between the two products. This means you should be able to sit down a lab computer, and feel pretty familiar with a Libreoffice product in a short time. We do hope this is the case but, if not, you can always ask a friendly library staff member for help. We hope this will ease your mind about our computers somewhat and we also hope to see you in our lab!