Tax Documents for 2014:

This Find It Friday will be a two part segment covering finding tax forms for 2014. As some patrons may have noticed the library does not have as many tax forms available this year as in the past; the IRS is no longer sending the same number of tax forms to us at the library. The only forms we have available this year for patrons to pick up for free, while supplies last are the 1040, 1040A, and the 1040EZ. We did not receive any instructional booklets this year for any of these forms. However, there have been questions about where these forms can be found. So, where can you find the additional forms that you need to complete your taxes? Here are a few options!

1. If you know the specific form number you can ask a library staff member and we can print them out for you. The charge is .10 per black and white page and .15 per color page.

2. The library does have one reference copy of Publication 17 available for patrons to view within the library. This copy is located in the Reference Room.

3. You can view the full instructional booklets online at This Website

4. Stay tuned next week for information on how to request that the IRS mail specific tax forms to your house.