Many people think of Valentines Day and Romance together, so for Mango Monday this week, we want to introduce you to Mango's Romance Collection.

Romance languages are the ones that developed not from what was spoken by the Romans: Latin. That in turn became Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian and a few other small languages. The total number of people who speak a Romance language as a native language estimated to be over 886 million.

One of the great things for an English speaker learning a Romance language is that we have already had experience with them through borrowed vocabulary and cultural adoptions of Spanish and French. Some things are done much differently than in English, which is a Germanic language, but it is not so strange as to be unrecognizable. English and the Romance languages are all part of the Indo-European language family.

With Mango's Romance Collection, you will be prepared to handle these potential situations:

Excuse me. Is this seat taken? Scusa, è occupato questo posto?
May I buy you a coffee? Ti posso offrire un caffè?

Spanish (Latin America)
It is nice to meet you. Es un gusto conocerte.
I would love it if you would let me accompany you. Me encantaría que me dejarás acompañarte.

Portuguese (Brazil)
Do you come here often? Você vem muito aqui?
Do you want a drink? Quer uma bebida?

I think I've seen you before. Jai l'impression de t'avoir déjà vu.
Oh, and what's your name? Oh, eh tu t'appelles comment?

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