Mango Monday: Indonesian

For this installment of Mango Monday, we will discuss our offerings for Indonesian. This language may not be well known to many people in our area, but Indonesian is the official language of the 4th most populous country in the world. It is primarily spoken in the Indonesian archipelago by 23 million people as a native language and by 140 million more people as a second language.

Some phrases from the first Mango lesson that you might recognize:

  • Hello: Halo
  • How are you?: Apa kabar kamu?
  • I am fine.: Kabar saya baik.
  • What is your name?: Siapa nama kamu?
  • My name is __.: Nama saya ___.

In some ways, Indonesian will be easy to learn for English speakers because it is more phonetic than our language. That means it is written how with a Latin script it is pronounced. It also has less of the common features of Indo-European languages that can be difficult for English language learners, such as cases or grammatical gender. Those can be difficult for English speakers learning a new language.

As with Dutch last week, Indonesian is available through both Mango Languages and Pronunciator. Each language product has different interfaces, and some will work better for you depending on what you want to get out of your language experience. Don't forget to take advantage of each product's mobile apps for language learning on the go!

Next Monday we will be back with a new language you can teach yourself with resources from your library.