The help feature of OverDrive is a great resource both for patrons who have specific questions, and for those who simply need some starting advice. During open hours the staff at BPL will be more than happy to help patrons with questions, but when we are closed the Help feature is a great option!

This week we will cover OverDrive Help, the first of the four sections you see once you click on the help icon from the OverDrive homepage. Once you choose OverDrive Help you are taken to THIS PAGE that has many different help sections to choose from, depending on the trouble you are having. Below is a short description about what each of the sections covers:

Getting Started: Take a look at this section if you are just starting to use Overdrive and need some basic help. This section has step by step instructions and images for you to follow for various parts of OverDrive. This section also provides detailed guides for using specific devices including: Android, Apple, eReaders, Kindle, and Nooks.

eBooks: This section gives more in-depth instructions than the Getting Started section. This is particularly helpful if you are looking for specific information regarding which format of eBook works best with which device, how to sync eBooks, or even how to return and remove eBooks.

Audiobooks:Sometimes patrons don’t realize that Overdrive offers audiobooks as well. This help section gives you all the information you need to checkout and listen to the audiobooks.

OverDrive App This section breaks down how to install and utilize the OverDrive app on an Android, Chromebook, Mac, Kindle, or Windows device.